In Surgery tooth whitening – the facts

At Shandon Dental we offer in surgery tooth whitening. In this blog we will address the most commonly asked questions and what are the advantages and disadvantages over traditional home whitening.

What in surgery tooth whitening do you offer?

At Shandon Dental we offer BlancOne in surgery whitening. After researching the market thoroughly, we found this to the be the quickest, safest and most effective in surgery whitening.

In surgery – tooth whitening available in Cork City at Shandon Dental

Are there different types of in surgery tooth whitening?

Yes, there are many different products on the market at the moment. We offer two types, BlancOne Click and BlancOne Touch. These are both designed to be a post hygiene product.

BlancOne Click

This is very much an entry level to tooth whitening. We apply immediately after a cleaning session; it takes about 10 mins and lightens the teeth immediately. The major advantage of Click is that sensitivity associated with the procedure is very low.

BlancOne Touch

BlancOne Touch offers a deeper longer lasting tooth whitening. Again, this is undertaken after we have completed a hygiene session and takes about 30mins. BlancOne touch provides a longer lasting and whiter smile and can be repeated often.

The process

We undertake a hygiene session before both click and touch treatments. This is to remove any plaque, tartar and gross staining from the teeth. Then a gel is applied to the teeth and a special blue light is shined on the teeth for the requisite time. During a BlancOne touch session the gel is removed and reapplied several times.


Relatively low cost
Low sensitivity
Immediate results
low concentration of carbamide peroxide (16%)
No need for trays
No gum protection requires


It fades over time
Diets high in heavily staining foods and drinks e.g., tea/coffee fades quicker
Need to reapply regularly to maintain result can become costly
Hygiene session required

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