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We will talk about topics such as wisdom tooth extractions, sensitive teeth and tooth loss detailing your options in each case. Over time we will also discuss some of the cosmetic dentistry options available.

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay – The stages

Tooth decay presents in a variety of ways in a dental practice from no symptoms at all, to being caught on a routine x-ray or …
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TMJ (Jaw ache) – the facts

TMJ is becoming ever more common at the moment with patients frequentlycomplaining of jaw ache. But what is it, what causes it and how to …
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VHI Dentist Cork

VHI Dentist Cork

Looking for a VHI Dentist in Cork? Shandon Dental is happy to be an accredited VHI Dental Direct Pay Provider. As such we are happy …
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Composite Bonding

Composite bonding: A new technique?

Well actually no…..Composite bonding has been around for quite a while. Originally it was used to reshape abnormal shaped lateral incisors after orthodontic treatment but …
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Flexifi - Payments Plan - Dental Finance at Shandon Dental Cork City

Dental Finance in Cork

We at Shandon Dental are aware that dental costs can be high especially for those seeking advanced cosmetic or restorative treatment. This can lead to …
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Dental Advice Covid-19

Covid-19 Dental Advice

Covid-19 Dental Advice It goes without saying at this time where at all possible people should stay at home and limit social contact during the Covid-19 …
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Bleeding Gums - causes and treatment - blog by Shandon Dental | Cork Dentists

Bleeding Gums: The facts

It is something we hear on a daily basis here at Shandon Dental “my gums are bleeding” so why and what can be done. In …
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What to do while teeth whitening

What to do while whitening

So, you have made the decision to go ahead with whitening and the molds have been taken and custom trays have been constructed.
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Teeth whitening - Frequently asked questions

Teeth Whitening FAQs

The aim with our teeth whitening is to gently and gradually lighten the shade of your teeth to give you a whiter smile.
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