Dental Bridge

If you have missing teeth with strong adjacent teeth, a dental bridge is a great solution. It can give your teeth a healthy, natural appearance. People who have experienced tooth loss due to an accident, injury or localised decay can benefit from this option. A dental bridge is anchored in the mouth by crowns, fitted to the natural teeth on either side of the gap in the teeth. These crowns are used to anchor the dental bridge, which is a series of artificial teeth inserted to fill the gap in the teeth. You can read more about dental bridges here.

dental bridge - cork city dentists

As mentioned above order to have a bridge fitter you require strong adjacent teeth with good bone support. Our team at Shandon Dental will help you decide if a bridge is the most appropriate treatment. Considerations include the location of the missing tooth, aesthetics of the treatment and cost of the procedure.

To find out more and book an appointment, contact our team at Shandon Dental. Where we will ensure that you get the very best advice on which treatment works best for you. We also provide other prosthetic treatments including dentures and implants.

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