VHI Dentist Cork

Looking for a VHI Dentist in Cork? Shandon Dental is happy to be an accredited VHI Dental Direct Pay Provider. As such we are happy to treat you under the scheme and take the stress and hassle out of your claims.

It’s one less thing to worry about –

So how does it work?

On booking your appointment with us contact VHI dental on 046 9077337 or email them vhidentists@intana-assist.com and inform them of your appointment with us. Ensure this call is made at least 48hrs before your appointment.
They will then contact you and confirm your cover and they will also email us detailing your level of cover.
At this point we will complete your comprehensive check-up, cleaning and any necessary radiographs which will all be covered by VHI.
If any further treatment is required and you want to proceed, we will send a copy of your treatment plan to VHI and they will provide us with an email detailing your level of cover. A copy of this email will also be sent to you.
At this point we will proceed with your treatment and at the end of your treatment all you will need to do is pay the balance. The majority of the cost will be covered by VHI and we will take care of the paperwork for you.
VHI Dentist Cork

VHI Dentist Terms and conditions

Due to the terms and the conditions under the scheme we need to ensure you are covered and we need an email from VHI stating the same before your check-up. Therefore, we recommend you contact VHI at least 48hrs before your check-up so there is no delay to your treatment. We also need separate authorisations for each member on the scheme. I.e. for each member of the family on a family scheme.


In the case of an emergency, you can still be seen. At Shandon Dental we strive to see emergencies on the day. However that will not be enough time to ascertain your level of cover. Therefore, at an emergency appointment you will be expected to pay for your treatment in full. You will however be given a “pay and claim” form with your full receipt. VHI will then reimburse you directly for your treatment.

Want to book an appointment?

Give us a call on 0214305569 email info(at)shandondental.ie or contact us on https://www.shandondental.ie/contact-us/