Broken teeth / tooth – Causes and solutions

It’s something we see on a daily basis here at Shandon Dental. A common enquiry what caused and how do I fix it. Broken teeth can occur suddenly or can happen over a longer period of time. They don’t always cause pain but sometimes can be associated with sensitivity or pain.

Broken tooth / teeth
Broken Teeth

Broken teeth / tooth Causes:

Decay: The most common cause of broken teeth is dental decay. This is where an area beneath the surface of the tooth decays and eventually the area above the day breaks. This commonly occurs in between teeth and can be a cause of sensitivity and pain. Regular attendance and x-rays can detect decay early before the tooth breaks.

Trauma: A tooth can break due to an unforeseen trauma including trips and falls where the tooth breaks due to the force applied. This can also happen if biting on something extremely hard or using your teeth to open hard containers such as bottles.

Bruxism / Grinding: People who grind their teeth can sometimes cause their teeth to break. This can often take the form of small breaks but left unchecked can result in larger amounts of tooth breaking or a root fracture. Erosion/diet: Patients with high volumes or acid or sugar in their diet can cause wear on their teeth. This often presents as their front teeth taking on an uneven appearance with some teeth looking longer than others. What you need to know about tooth grinding

Broken teeth / tooth Solutions:

Regular check-up: This is vital alongside regular bitewing radiographs to detect early signs of decay and wear on your teeth. The dentist can then advise you on proper precautions to prevent further loss of tooth structure.

Regular check-up

Fillings: This is the most common solution to broken teeth. The process involves removing any broken parts of the tooth, the decay and filling the resulting hole with either a white tooth coloured filling or an amalgam silver filling. On front teeth which have worn due to grinding or diet white filling can be used to build the teeth back up in a process known as composite bonding and give them back a natural appearance.

Crowns / Veneers: When larger amounts of the tooth have been lost then a veneer or a crown may be needed to restore the tooth. This is normally completed when its not possible to place a conventional filling. It is also popular where a superior aesthetic/functional result can be achieved with a crown or veneer.

Nightguards / Splints: In the case of a patient who grinds or clenches a splint / nightguard can be constructed to aid in stopping the habit. These are often used as habit breakers. They help in separating the teeth while asleep or during the day when the action of grinding/clenching is taking place. Preventing grinding / clinching reduces a potential cause for broken teeth occurring during this time.

Extraction: If a tooth is damaged beyond repair the only option is to extract the tooth. However, this happens infrequently and every effort is made to keep the tooth. If a tooth is lost there are many options in restoring the residual gap.

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