Bleeding Gums: The facts

It is something we hear on a daily basis here at Shandon Dental “my gums are bleeding” so why and what can be done. In a recent Irish dental survey 80% of Irish people think that their gums are healthy when in reality 80% of Irish adults have some sort of gum disease. Read more in the Irish Dental Association survey here.

Bleeding Gums, causes and treatment blog by Shandon Dental | Cork Dentists
Bleeding Gums

So what causes bleeding gums?

Gum disease: either gingivitis or periodontal disease.
Incorrect brushing.
Inadequate cleaning in between teeth.
Overhanging restorations gathering food / plaque / tartar.
Acute infections.

Ways to correct bleeding gums:

Brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. A soft/medium toothbrush is preferred and when using an electric toothbrush follow manufacturers instructions.
Daily flossing of use of interdental brushes such as Tepe brushes to clean in between teeth where food/plaque can gather.
Use of an anti-bacterial mouthwash daily can help reduce the bacterial load in the mouth. It is advised that mouthwash is
used at least 30 minutes away from brushing and is best used throughout the day.
Attend dentist/hygienist regularly for scale and polish. This will remove any plaque and tartar from around and in between
teeth. Your dentist can also remove any overhangs and plaque traps from in between your teeth to allow easier cleaning.
In the case of acute infections on occasion a course of antibiotics is required prior to scale/polish

Gum disease is one of the main causes of early tooth loss and bleeding gums is an early sign of gum disease. Regular attendance and cleanings will help prevent both bleeding gums and gum disease. Your dentist and hygienist are best place to advise you on how to optimise your oral hygiene routine. We at Shandon Dental will always strive to advise you on what products are on the market that are best suited to help you in eliminating any signs of gum disease.

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